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An Energy Audit Can Help to Reduce Energy Bills

Heating and cooling can add to the utility bills in a home, and if you find that your home is just as comfortable as it always was, and yet your bills are mounting, it is time for you to consider an energy audit.

An energy audit and installation service Elk Grove CA can help you to identify the reasons for this increase in costs of running your establishment. The agencies that provide such services will come into your home equipped with the latest gadgetry that can help to identify the reasons for the problem. A building energy audit can identify the places in your home that lack proper insulation and doors and windows that do not seal properly. They will then suggest the remedial measures to be taken to adequately weatherize the building.

This auditing and weatherizing can cost money, but this is often offset by the saving that you are bound to make from the lower energy bills. The audit can also lead to reduced load on all heating and cooling equipment and thus save you their maintenance and repair costs in the long run. Auditors use calibrated blowers to judge the amount of air that is escaping any area. Infrared cameras that give thermographs can also be used to judge temperatures both inside and outside a building and help to pinpoint the leakage. In case no leakage is noticed, and thermographs still point to loss or gain of heat from the building, it is the insulation that is the culprit and will need to be upgraded.

Once measures are taken to repair door and window seals and the insulation deficiency is corrected, it is necessary for the service provider to again test for leaks and differences in temperature. Chimneys and attics are common culprits identified in these audits, and action is needed to correct the deficiency that they induce.