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I was lucky enough to have Chris come out to visit my home and give me an in person quote (a different company gave me a quote via email and I was NOT impressed). He talked me through the process since my home didn’t have any heating or air conditioning and this would be a completely new system. He spent time explaining the financing which was what locked me in. I was able to finance my project with no money down and low monthly payments! The price included 3rd party testing, all of the permits needed and warranties for years – since this is my first house I want to put in premium products and take care of my investments, and Big Mountain made me feel confident about choosing their services.

The reason I am giving Big Mountain five stars is because even though I found them through Yelp I forgot to mention their deal at the time (5% off a new system) and was given a quote without that discount. They were awesome though and were able to get me the discounted rate even after the paperwork was signed! Also, to get a deal on financing the whole project had to be done within a week and a half and they made it WORK.

Thank you Big Mountain!