1670 Bell Avenue Suite #110 Sacramento, CA 95838 • License #885341

I had a appointment with them between 1-3 and one of their staff members called me and kept me updated when they will arrive which was nice. Steve arrived on time and was really nice for explaining what could the cause be. My ac fan was working but cool air wasn’t coming out. Anyways I called them and got the appointment for the next day which was great because a lot of places were giving me appointments for the next week and it being summer and I have dogs, I couldn’t wait that long. When Steve arrived he checked our fan which was running great and than he went and checked the attic.

Only thing he found wrong was that our vent needed a new filter because it was really old. Luckily we had an extra one and he replaced it. No cost. I see mixed reviews but they worked out awesome for me. No charge when there’s no issue makes sense. Thanks guys