1670 Bell Avenue Suite #110 Sacramento, CA 95838 • License #885341

I spent almost a year researching various companies to install my new HVAC system, followed by multiple calls/ quotes from ALL the local HVAC companies. Big Mountain by far exceeded my expectations for price, quality, and customer service. Big Mountain also encouraged me to get other quotes from other companies (something no other HVAC company did they all said they were the best).

My installer Rob was awesome he did not rush the job and took his time to do the extra work and ensure I was satisfied. He also took picture of my Installation in the attic and sent them to me. They sent out an amazing team to clean and seal the ducts. I have had many HVAC companies out to service my old system to get a feel for their service and I can say with confidence that Big Mountain has the absolute best service by bar from any of the HVAC companies. I really appreciate every staff member that I worked with and I wish I remembered all names.

lastly thank you Steve and Martina for putting up with my many calls and questions and quote after quote on all brands and sizes. Your the best.