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Take It From Those In The Know, A Solid Foundation Is Key

Solar is not a new innovation, however, it is one that is only really beginning to take off. It has taken some time for humankind to realize the destruction we have caused the planet and for us to understand that change has to be made before it is too late. What is there that could be more powerful than the sun? The answer is quite simple, nothing! We have spent billions of dollars over the years mining fossil fuels and burning them in an attempt to keep our homes and businesses operating at full throttle and have ignored what is right there within our grasps. Solar power.

Build Your Hopes On Solid Ground

We have known all along that fossil fuel resources were never going to last forever, however, we chose to ignore it and let it go. Only now that the supply is depleting and our own comfort and convenience are threatened have we woken up to new possibilities. Of course, many of us would like to think that perhaps the human race has grown a conscience and that the safety of our environment and planet is paramount but that, I am afraid , is an afterthought. Nevertheless, the environment is benefiting at the end of the day. Converting to solar power is an opportunity for you to lessen your own carbon footprint and do something you will be proud of.

The technical team at Big Mountain is the best in the business where solar conversions and implementation are concerned. As with any system in the home, the installation is the foundation on which the performance of the equipment will be based, and yes, solar installation in Rocklin, El Dorado Hills & surrounding areas is no different.

Installation – The Importance Should Never Be Forgotten or Ignored

Solar installation warrants the experience and expertise of a professional in the field. When it comes to active solar systems, placing a panel just fractionally in the wrong place could compromise the integrity and function of the entire system. Careful consideration goes into panel placement in order for the system to receive maximum sun and absorption in order to power your home. This is not something you can pull out of a hat on a whim. Research, study, and training are what are required by the technicians in question.

Our solar installation in Rocklin, El Dorado Hills & surrounding areas is carried out with professionalism from the very beginning. We carefully evaluate your home and your requirements before designing an active system to be implemented into your home. We take into consideration the sun-facing sides of the house and the areas that receive little sun. Once we have completed an effective design we will supply you with a quotation that is both detailed and easy to understand. On go-ahead, we move in and swiftly turn your home into a solar hub, free from the constraints of the grid.

Big Mountain, your answer to the solar age. We understand the importance of power in the home and we make solar readily available and easily accessible to all. Change is hard and sometimes frightening but until you take that plunge, you will never understand the true value of the sun and the power it holds. 916-378-4244. We are the professionals on call in Rocklin, El Dorado Hills & surrounding areas and we will provide results.