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One of the main ways to minimize furnace breakdowns and to ensure that  your system operates well, is by scheduling regular furnace tune-ups. The longevity of any mechanical equipment can be maximized through proper care and maintenance. Call your service provider and ensure that you ask all the right questions regarding what is covered by the maintenance which they will be carrying out.

There are certain things you need to check before, during, and after the work in question.

  • Full inspection.

There should be a comprehensive visual and point review to ensure that all parts of the duct system and furnace are indeed working. A skilled technician is able to identify all the problems effortlessly.

  • Lubrication.

Lubrication is important to avoid friction between the operating parts. A complete lubrication of all parts must be included in the maintenance package.

  • Pilot & gas pressure evaluation.

Another crucial part of the tune-up is the adjustments made to the gas pressure and the pilot. This is an important step for a seamless result.

  • Filter replacement.

Check if the filters have been replaced following the 1” standard. Furnace filters have to be replaced at 3 months intervals or before if need be. This ensures that efficiency is kept and future troubles are avoided.

  • Written assessment.

The HVAC company you choose must provide you with a written assessment  after the tune-up has been completed.This should include what was repaired or maintained as well as provide you with  maintenance suggestions and  helpful tips to keep you system in tip-top shape going forward.

Scheduling a furnace tune-up annually can help your furnace withstand the tests of time.

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