Is It Time To Get New Air Ducts?

Unless you’re a contractor, architect or engineer, most of us don’t usually spend a lot of time thinking of the various systems our home is made up of. It’s usually not until something stops working or breaks that we come to realize how complex our homes really are.
Homes are made up of several systems that need to work together. Nothing really functions in isolation. For example, if you have a problem with your home’s insulation, your roof gutters and downspouts can break or get clogged. Everything under your roof is connected one way or another.

It’s All Part of a System

One of the ways your home is connected is through your heating and AC ducts. The ducting system in your home literally connects every room and plays a very important role in your HVAC system. Just like everything else in your home, your ducts have a lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. When the time comes for this, you need to contact your local air duct installation service professionals.

Air Ducts are More Important Than You Think

Your home’s duct system, also called ductwork, is responsible for several things. They supply air, remove air, and exhaust air. Your home’s ductwork is responsible for making sure that your home has a comfortable temperature and to maintain appropriate air quality. You can think of it as the arteries and veins of your home.
With a job that important, you can probably guess that ductwork has a huge impact on how your HVAC system works. If your ductwork isn’t properly designed, installed and maintained, the whole system can be inefficient. Up to 40% of the energy put out by the central HVAC can be lost and wasted in the ductwork. Having ducts that are doing their job makes sure your furnace or heat pump works as it should, keeping your heating bill from going through the roof.

Do you need new ducts?

With so much riding on efficient ductwork, how do you know if yours needs to be replaced? It depends on the state of your home’s duct system. If your ducts have excessive amounts of dust and debris, thorough duct maintenance could solve the problem. However, the ducts that are too damaged or too dirty to clean, they may need replacement.
The key to this situation is finding out what caused the problem in the first place. Possible causes are:

  • Regular use
  • Faulty filters
  • Bad installation
  • Duct design

To find the root of the problem, you need a company with the experience to properly diagnose and permanently fix your ductwork problems. A detailed diagnostic of your home’s HVAC system from Big Mountain Heating & Air is the first step in making sure your whole system works as it should.
Contact today and get the best air duct repair and installation services available in Elk Grove, California.