3 Ways To Save Money And Energy This Fall

Energy bills are typically a shock and can turn to some finger pointing in your family. Sure, sometimes those sky-high bills are caused by someone leaving the lights on or standing with the fridge door open. But other times, it could be your home’s fault. Here are three ways to save money and lower your energy bill this fall.

Replace an old, inefficient air conditioning unit

Your air conditioner has been chugging along now for years, but it hasn’t been doing your wallet any favors. An older unit has a hard time keep your home to the ideal temperature, which is draining on energy. Typically, air conditioners around 10 years old are coming to the end of their life cycle. Air conditioners are an important appliance in your home, so getting the experts at Big Mountain Air to help you choose the best AC unit for your AC installation is a great idea. A new air conditioner can be a long-term investment that can help save your family money.

Replacing old or broken windows

Once your AC is working efficiently, the last thing you want is all that air to escape out of your old or broken windows. Updating windows from single pane to double-paned or energy-efficient windows can save you almost $500 a year in energy bills. Big Mountain Air can help you choose the right window and make your window installation smooth sailing.

Consider switching to solar power

Using the sun’s power and harnessing energy through solar panels may be a better choice for you and your home long term. It’s great for the environment since it doesn’t have toxic emissions, which lowers your carbon footprint – not to mention the reduced utilities that put money back in your wallet.
Whether it’s AC installation, window installation or installing solar panels, Big Mountain Air is here to help. With certified and experienced technicians, you can be sure that the job will be done right the first time.