How Your HVAC System Affects Home Value

As a homeowner, you care about the value of your home. However, have you taken a step back to make sure that you are really looking at the entire value of your home? Internal aspects can add or take away, from your home’s value. Household systems and appliances like your air conditioner and furnace can make a bigger difference than you realized. At Big Mountain Heating and Air, we want to ensure that your home’s HVAC system is at its peak performance for you and your loved ones.

Do Your Air Conditioner and Heater Impact Home Value?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Does the state of my HVAC system affect my home’s value?” Maybe not, but the answer is yes. If your HVAC is in bad shape, it not only impacts how comfortable you are in your home but also how much the property is valued. Because air conditioners tend to be larger purchases, selling your home with an outdated one can knock off the value of the home.

How Much Does a New HVAC System Add to the Value of a House?

The impact of HVAC on home value is bigger than you would expect, and updating your system can do a lot of good for your home. In many cases, a new central air system will boost home value by 10%. If you are trying to sell your house, promoting a new central air system can entice buyers and is a valuable selling point.
If you choose to update your HVAC system, try to choose a modern system that prioritizes energy efficiency. Energy-efficient HVAC units can also have an impact on your wallet over time as they save you money on your electric bills. You also want to make sure the company you select properly sizes the unit your home needs for maximum efficiency.

Updating your HVAC

If your air conditioner hasn’t been working properly or needs frequent repairs, you may realize that you’re in need of an update. Getting a professional opinion before you make any big changes is important to make sure you’re doing what really is the best for your home. If you realize it’s not functioning the way it should be and you are concerned about your property value, call a professional to see if it can be repaired to restore value back into your home. If it can’t be repaired, look into installing a new HVAC system.
Don’t just think about your home’s value for the future. Take advantage of upgrading the systems in your home so that you’re more comfortable now. Contact Big Mountain Heating and Air today so we can help you add value to your home.