Why You Should Upgrade To A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a wi-fi connected thermostat that can be controlled by an internet-connected device, like a smartphone or tablet. They come with a wide variety of automated and advanced features designed to help you monitor energy consumption and save money. Here are some reasons why a smart thermostat installation is a great investment for your home.

Save Money on Electric Bills

One of the greatest benefits of having a smart thermostat installed is that it provides energy reports, showing you how much power you use, trends in your energy usage and how much it could cost you. Along with their informative reports, they also give you energy-saving tips on how to modify your temperature settings to cut energy costs without sacrificing personal comfort.
Not only will these functions save you money, but they will also reduce energy waste and decrease the amount of carbon emissions put into the environment.

Detailed Temperature Tracking and Scheduling

Smart thermostats use their built-in movement sensors and long-term learning capability to detect when you are home and when you are away. Then, the thermostat uses this information to create a personalized schedule that can tell when your heating or cooling needs to be on or off.
Smart thermostats are extremely accurate at reading indoor and outdoor temperatures. Some models can even track local weather reports and use them to automatically regulate indoor temperature settings accordingly.

Smart Device Compatibility

Smart thermostats have the ability to link up with your phone or tablet through brand apps, allowing you to have complete and remote control of your thermostat no matter where you are. These thermostats can also connect to other smart home devices, like air humidifiers and air purifiers, in order to exchange information regarding your home’s temperature needs.

User-Friendly Interface and Design

Both smart thermostats and their respective apps are designed with a simple and clean interface that makes temperature management an absolute breeze. Their user-friendly, modern appearance makes the device both visually appealing and easy to read and understand.
If you’re interested in saving money on your energy costs, contact Big Mountain Air today to schedule a quick and easy smart thermostat installation for your home.