How To Make Your Home Stay Warm This Winter

Staying warm and cozy this winter should be one of your biggest priorities in these uncertain times. It is especially important to cherish the special moments that we are fortunate enough to spend with our loved ones as we quarantine in our homes. To ensure that you stay warm this winter, below are recommended services – including furnace repair and window installation – that can make your dream of a warm and cozy home a reality.

Window Installation

Installing new windows does more than just increase the value and overall appearance of your home. New windows can also act as a weather barrier from cold weather outside. When you have a window draft, it is extremely easy for hot air to escape your home. Window installations ensure that there is an airtight seal keeping the hot air inside. Additionally, new windows eliminate the amount of caulking that you must do every winter to reduce drafts.
Most people use curtains to block drafts in old windows to keep the hot air inside. With new windows, you are finally able to open those curtains – and let the sunshine in. Letting in sunlight not only warms up your home but also increases the amount of beautiful, natural light that brightens up your home.

Furnace Repair and Tune-Ups

Furnace tune-ups and repairs are essential to keeping your furnace running smoothly and efficiently this winter. A furnace tune-up includes a full inspection of your furnace and duct system. The technician will examine all of the working parts of your furnace to make sure that they are running properly and don’t need repairing. Your filter will be replaced to ensure that airflow is blowing without restrictions, which will also reduce your energy bill due to the decreased workload that your system has with a clean filter.
By scheduling a tune-up, you will be nipping the issues in the bud, which will allow you to dodge costly repairs and unnecessary stress in the future.

Unique Tips to Keep Your House Warm

Some other random tips that will keep your house warm include:

  • Investing in throw rugs and blankets – Not only do rugs reduce floorboard drafts but they also help keep your feet warm in rooms with hard floors.
  • Cover your kitchen hood – Did you know that your kitchen hood can be a pathway into your home for the cold air outside? By covering it when it is not in use, you are reducing the leaks that can cause the hot air inside of your house to escape and the cold air that tries to enter.
  • Open all of your vents – Most people think that by closing some of your vents, you are distributing more hot air into the rooms that need it most. However, this is not the case. By closing your vents, you are making your furnace work twice as hard, which can cause your furnace to function less efficiently. The pressure built up in your furnace due to closed vents can ultimately lead to costly damages and a low-quality system that doesn’t heat your home up properly.

For more information on furnace repair services and window installations, contact Big Mountain Heating & Air.