Why Is My AC Constantly Running

Did you know that your AC unit shouldn’t have to run constantly to be efficient? If you are having to run your unit all day long, chances are that some small problems might need to be looked at. Since it is hotter outside during the summer months, it’s normal for your unit to run constantly, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. But, it’s more efficient for your system and saves you money on the electricity bill if you run with fewer cycles. Here are a few common issues that cause your unit to run constantly.

Wrong sizing

If the unit you have installed is the improper size for the amount of space it needs to work in, that can cause a few different issues. Having a unit that is too small for the area it’s working with means that it is going to have to work a lot harder to cool the area. Having too large of a unit stops it from effectively removing the moisture from the area, resulting in a damp feeling inside the home. Duct sizing is also important, as if you have the wrong duct size, they are more prone to mishandling the airflow and distributing the air to the wrong parts of the home. 

Air filter

One of the problems might be as simple as the air filter in your unit. It is recommended that you have your air filter switched out at least every 3 months. If your filter is dirty, it can result in the system needing to work even harder to get the air through. Replacing your air filter often will cut down on the amount of cool air that your air conditioner can produce, making it have to work harder and longer throughout the day. Dirty filters can also lead to overheating, posing a potential risk for your home.

Clean Coils

Another common problem can be dirty coils in your unit. Dirt and debris of all different kinds can get in the way and block the airflow through the coils, resulting in decreased performance. Having a dirty coil is very similar to having low refrigerant. Since your coils are the part of your system that absorbs the hot air and turns it cold or disperses the hot air in an unwanted direction, being dirty isn’t a good idea. You should call a professional for help when you can visibly see that your coil is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

Old Unit

As simple as it gets, your unit just might be old. If you’ve done all of the recommended tips, like the ones recommended on our website’s blog page, then it is most likely that you’ve used your unit to the best of its ability and it’s simply just time for a new unit. No matter how well you’ve followed the tips, it is still true that air conditioners have a lifespan and that span eventually comes to an end. 

If that’s the case for you, let us help you install a new AC unit! With Big Mountain Heating & Air, installation is quick and easy. Visit our website or contact us for more information on anything air conditioning!