How To Find The Best Energy Audit And Installation Service Provider

Energy Audit and Installation Service

Energy audits are a popular service for people who are thinking of buying heating and air condition equipment. This is because understanding their home’s current and possible energy efficiency is a great way for homeowners to gauge what they need for their home. If you’re looking for a professional energy audit service provider, take a look at these steps for help.

Get Recommendations and Reviews

When it comes to HVAC companies, their slogans and punch lines always say less than what their previous clients do. The first step to getting a reliable energy audit is to ask the people living around you about their experiences.
Friends and family are a great source of information, and they’ll give you their honest review. The internet is also awash with reviews of the various services providers in any area, something you can and should take advantage of.

Do Your Research

First, consider what you really want from your energy audit. Most homeowners want energy audits because they’re looking into new HVAC equipment to update their homes. If this is the case, you’ll probably want to choose a contractor that specializes in both energy audits and HVAC installations.
After coming up with some choices from surrounding people, the internet or any other source, it’s time to see for yourself how the contractors on your list measure up. Narrow down your list by following these steps:

  • Shave off the weaker options from the list, like companies that don’t also provide installation.
  • When you are left with a handful, give them each a call and get more information about their services.
  • Consider asking for referrals from previous customers. While a marketing agent will always tell you what you need to hear, past customers are honest. If they don’t have any to refer you to, move on to the next company.

Are you comfortable with the service provider?

Once you’ve narrowed your list to a couple of names, your goal is to choose whichever provider is best for your needs. Ask yourself which choice you’re most comfortable with. Factors that might affect this include:

  • The length of guarantee you get offered
  • The contractors licenses and insurance
  • Whether or not the company offers 24/7 support

Also consider the cost variations and what you get for the price you’ll pay. Prices don’t usually vary too much, but there might be more value to one offer than another.
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