Signs That It’S Time For A Furnace Repair

Many homeowners tend to wait for major issues to occur with their heating system rather than investing in preventative maintenance to catch repairs before they cause problems. However, this kind of passive HVAC maintenance can reduce the energy efficiency and lifespan of your system.

The best way to avoid letting HVAC problems go unnoticed is to learn how to spot them before your heater breaks down. Look for these signs that your furnace needs repairs.

It’s Getting Old

Furnaces can last for 20 to 30 years, so take extra care to monitor your heater’s condition if it’s within this age range. It will likely need more repairs as it gets older. If your furnace needs frequent, expensive repairs, it’s probably time to replace it altogether.

To take care of your unit well and make it last longer, schedule regular maintenance and tune-ups. These preventative measures will help keep your system running better for longer.

High Energy Bills

A system that is not maintained properly is most likely working inefficiently, causing higher energy bills. This happens because the system must work harder to meet your heating and cooling needs, causing it to use more energy. While a slow and steady increase in energy consumption is normal as your system ages, a sudden increase indicates a problem. If you experience a sudden increase in costs, have your heating system checked immediately.

Visible Defects

It’s never a good sign on any appliance to see visible damage. Furnaces are no different. Rust, dents, dirt and other visible deterioration of the equipment is a sign that you need repairs.

Unusual Odors and Sounds

Especially if your furnace runs on gas, unusual odors are a cause for concern with your furnace. If your furnace has a smell when it runs, have a technician inspect it for problems. If you smell rotten eggs at any time in your home, evacuate immediately and call gas emergency services for help before calling your HVAC technician.

Odd noises are also a cause for concern. Overall, your heater should run quietly, so banging, rattling, hissing and other persistent unusual sounds are a sure sign of a problem with the system. This kind of problem is likely minor, but repairing it immediately prevents the damage from escalating.

If you suspect an issue with your furnace based on any of these signs (or a combination of them) contact Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning today. We proudly serve the Sacramento area with both furnace repairs and preventative maintenance.

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