Get Reliable Furnace Installation

¬†If your current furnace is making odd noises, heating unevenly, running up excessive energy bills or experiencing other frequent problems, it’s time for a new unit. Here’s a guide to ensuring reliable, trustworthy installation for your new furnace.

Getting Reliable Installation

When having any appliance installed, it’s important to choose a company that will ensure the job is done right. Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning has provided reliable furnace installation since 2006, giving both residential and commercial customers superior service for sales and installation. Our staff will gladly come out to your premises, assess your needs and recommend the furnace that is right for you.

Sizing Your Furnace

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to installing a furnace, and any contractor that tells you otherwise isn’t one you should trust. Furnace installation begins with accurately sizing your new furnace. Many factors go into determining the best unit for your home or business.

To find and recommend the best options for your needs, our staff will perform a load calculation on your building to determine how many BTU’s your furnace should have for proper heating. A Manual J calculation is the industry standard for determining proper sizing, and it takes into consideration¬† the following factors:

  • The building’s total square footage
  • Type of insulation
  • Number of occupants
  • Heat-emitting appliances

Once the technicians have determined the proper load, we can provide you with a suitable heating system option to fit your needs perfectly.

Proper Installation Matters

The way your furnace is installed is just as important as proper sizing. At Big Mountain Air, our certified technicians are experienced in installing many different types of furnaces from a variety of manufacturers. They will thoroughly check all connections, including energy supplies, venting and ductwork, to make sure that your new heating unit will function efficiently. Not only does Big Mountain Air install new furnaces, but we also service them to keep them working well for years to come.

If you believe a new furnace is in your future, contact our friendly staff to schedule a no-obligation consultation and assessment. Let us show you why Sacramento-area residents choose us for new system installation.