Maintaining Your Furnace: Changing The Filter

An HVAC machine is made of several important components, the filter being one of the most important. Filters have undergone a lot of change in the last few years and have become more efficient, affordable and easy to maintain.

What does a furnace filter do?

The goal of a filter is to maximize the functionality of your furnace while also achieving improved indoor air quality. Filters catch dust and other debris as it passes through the system, keeping it out of the system and, by extension, out of your home’s air. Without filters, our HVAC systems would blow around all of the dust, dander and debris that accumulates in our home and create poor indoor air quality.

Why is the Filter so Important?

A filter that doesn’t work well can leave the air laden with dirt, dust and other pollutants that reduce the air quality of your home. If you don’t maintain your furnace filter as recommended by the manufacturer of your system, you could be endangering the health of your family members.
The filter accumulates more and more debris the longer it sits in the system. If it sits there for too long, the filter can become blocked and cause resistance to the airflow, reducing the volume of heated air distributed around the house. This can cause the unit to work harder to reach the desired temperature levels, resulting in a spike in energy costs or even overheating, which puts you home at risk of a fire.

What Can I Do to Maintain My Furnace?

Changing your filter at least every few months is the easiest part of maintaining your furnace. However, there are several other important aspects besides filters that require your attention. Things you can do to maintain your furnace include:

  • Reduce the heating load of your furnace by sealing any air leaks in your home
  • Make sure all vents are open and unobstructed
  • Have your vents and ductwork cleaned
  • Get a regular furnace tune-up

A licensed professional is the best person to inspect your furnace thoroughly and find out if there are any issues that need to be addressed. If you suspect a problem with your furnace, don’t wait for it to put your family at risk — call Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning, Sacramento’s furnace maintenance experts.
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