My Heater Is Blowing Cold Air!

There’s nothing worse than turning on your trusty heater during a California cold front and feeling cold air blow into your home. You don’t have time to sit around shivering while you wonder what’s wrong with your heater! That’s why you should call the best HVAC repair company in the area.

Big Mountain Heating & Air has seen all the common Sacramento heater problems. If your heater is blowing cold air, you’re not the only one! Our team will be able to make a quick furnace repair in no time, but here are a few of the causes of heaters blowing cold air — you can learn about them while you wait for your Big Mountain Air technician!

Dirty Air Filters

Changing out your air filters may feel like a real chore sometimes, but it’s really important to the rest of the HVAC system. When your air filters become clogged with dust and dirt from the air, the regular airflow is slowed down. The system relies on this amount of air to flow over the heat exchanger and receive the heat that is being created. If too little air flows over the heat exchanger, it can overheat. This will cause the limit switch to be tripped to prevent dangerous overheating inside the heater. Your heating element will shut off because the system thinks there is danger, so you might not be getting warm air from your vents.

A professional will be able to assess if this really is the problem and reset the limit switch. They can also show you how to clean your air filters to avoid the situation again in the future!

The Pilot Light Is Out

Specifically for older gas furnaces, the pilot light is on all the time. When the pilot light goes out or changes to a yellow color, you could have a problem with the availability of gas in your system. You can relight the pilot light if you feel comfortable, but remember that anytime you deal with gas and combustion, it can be dangerous. An expert will be glad to help you relight the system. If that fix doesn’t work, having a technician there with you will speed up the troubleshooting process!

Clogged Condensate Line

The heating process produces moisture, but moisture is the enemy of all clean air. That’s why the moisture is funneled out via a condensate line. It’s possible that the condensate line gets clogged or blocked by debris. If water backs up into the heater, a sensor in the system shuts down the unit to avoid damage from water flooding. If you can locate the line, clear it out and let the water exit the area. A team member from Big Mountain Air would be happy to take care of this for you and ensure that the system begins heating again before they leave!

Thermostat Settings

It’s also very common for a simple thing like thermostat settings to be the cause of all your stress. Make sure your thermostat is set to HEAT instead of FAN. This signals the heating element to run on instead of just the blower to move air around the vents. If your settings are done correctly, then it could be an issue inside the thermostat. If the connection between the heating system and the thermostat is faulty, the heater might not be turning on when you need it to. You may need a thermostat replacement or repair from a professional.

Big Mountain Air Keeps The Heat Flowing

If your heater is only producing cold air instead of hot, you need a reliable team on your side. Big Mountain Heating & Air is your go-to heating company for all your heater repairs. Let us bring the heat back to your home. Contact us today to get more information or to start a service request!

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