5 Tips To Utilize Your Thermostat Correctly

Your home’s heating and air conditioning system can’t function without a dependable thermostat. A thermostat communicates with your HVAC system to keep your space comfortable season after season. But are you using yours correctly?

Here at Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand ACs and furnaces inside and out. Let us help you keep your Sacramento home safe from high utility bills and wasted energy with these tips. Read on to learn how to use your thermostat efficiently and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for trusted HVAC services!

1. Correct Location

Your thermostat needs to take readings of your home’s temperature throughout the day and month to month. Blocking your thermostat with furniture, or having it near a door, window or a hallway will result in inaccurate readings and wasted energy.

Make sure your thermostat is centrally located where people spend their time. For trusted thermostat installation in your home, reach out to our team to schedule your service.

2. Right Style For Your Space

When it comes to thermostats, you have more options than ever before. You may choose to stick to a traditional, manual model or upgrade to a programmable thermostat. Manual thermostats are the standard, allowing you to set your temperature by turning a dial or pushing a button.

For the latest in thermostat technology, consider a programmable thermostat. These devices are more accurate than manual models and can be customized to your preference day-to-day and week-to-week. For even more streamlined heating and cooling, invest in a smart thermostat for programmable, wireless climate control.

3. Temperature Settings

Thermostat settings are a hot-button topic for many households. With so many opinions flying around, what can you believe? At Big Mountain Air, our team has decades of combined HVAC experience, so we know a thing or two about thermostats.

The most cost-effective practice is, while you’re home during the day, to set your thermostat to 68 degrees in the winter and 75-78 degrees in the summer. You can lower and heighten the temperature respectively when you’re sleeping or away from home.

4. Supplement With Fans

Many homeowners rely heavily on their HVAC system to heat or cool their space fast without considering supplementary climate control. For instance, try cooling your space on summer nights with portable fans or a ceiling fan instead of adjusting the thermostat.

In the winter, force warmed air down and throughout your space by reversing the spin on your ceiling fan. There is a switch on the motor casing of most ceiling fans to allow for this. Remember, counterclockwise to cool, clockwise to warm. Using your ceiling fan to distribute air throughout your home is a great way to reduce heating and cooling costs.

5. Understand “On” vs. “Auto”

Thermostats come with three basic settings: on, off and auto. The auto setting means your system doesn’t kick on until the temperature falls out of the setting range.

If the thermostat is set to “on,” your fan will run continuously, which could increase your annual energy bill by over $500! The best thing to do for your home and your finances is to program your thermostat and set it to “auto.”

Turn To The Pros At Big Mountain Air

The team at Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to be your local HVAC company in Sacramento. We’re dedicated to providing top-quality customer service no matter the size of the job. For reliable thermostat repair, installations or replacements, reach out to us today!

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