Should You Replace Your Thermostat At The Same Time As Your AC?

When you decide to replace or install a new AC system it can be overwhelming to consider all the important factors. Many homeowners overlook the fact that the thermostat is also a very important part of the AC system. Any malfunction or miscommunication between the thermostat and the AC can result in poor function and even wasted energy. 

Big Mountain Heating & Air keeps tabs on the important things to make it easier on you. Keep reading to find out when you should replace your thermostat and the benefits a thermostat replacement can have. 

When To Replace A Thermostat

Replacing your thermostat when you install a new AC system is a great idea. The connection between the thermostat and AC is important to the function of the system. Problems with the thermostat can cause the AC to run more often than it should or not as often as it should. Both can be huge wastes of energy that you’ll see in your utility bill. 

The AC relies on the thermostat to determine what temperature it is and what you want it to be in the home. If these numbers are off, your AC will run for no reason. When your AC system is turning on and off too frequently it also causes more wear and tear, which shortens the lifespan of the AC. 

Why You Should Upgrade Your Thermostat

There are several benefits to upgrading your thermostat that will help you as a homeowner and your home. 


By replacing your thermostat while a new AC is being installed you can save yourself the hassle of eventually having the technicians return to complete the thermostat installation. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your AC system is completely upgraded and you shouldn’t have to worry about service calls and appointments for a while. Saving time in our busy lives can be really important!


Leaving an old thermostat connected to a new AC system won’t lead to anything disastrous, but it certainly can affect the efficiency of your AC system. Just as AC systems get old and must be replaced, thermostats wear down and perform less accurately than they used to. A thermostat will eventually get worse at detecting temperatures and the dead zone will get wider and wider. The dead zone is the temperature range when a thermostat should signal the AC to turn on, but due to decreased accuracy, it doesn’t. 


A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to lack of control over your home temperature and make it increasingly uncomfortable for you. Also, you might see an increase in your energy consumption and bill as your thermostat struggles to perform. We know that might not make your
wallet comfortable either.

Thermostat Technology

As AC technology becomes more encompassing and accurate, so does thermostat technology. Taking advantage of the opportunity to replace yours might give you some added perks. 

  • Programmable – Thermostats that you can program to raise and lower the temperature automatically at certain times can save you a lot of money. If you have a dependable schedule like leaving for work it could really help you to know your AC will use less energy while you’re gone for the day.
  • Smart – Smart thermostats take the convenience even farther by recording and observing your common AC habits and predicting what temperature you prefer at different times. 

Ready for a thermostat upgrade?

If you think your AC installation could benefit from a thermostat installation as well, Big Mountain Heating & Air can take care of that for you. We are proud to offer premier Sacramento air conditioning services to our customers. Give us a call today!

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