5 Signs Your Air Ducts Are Leaking

As the main pathway from your AC unit to your home, your ductwork plays a vital role in the efficiency of your home. Your AC can be as powerful as possible, but your air ducts determine the amount of chilled air that reaches your home. In effect, your air ducts determine how much energy your system has to use to heat or cool your home. That’s a lot of responsibility for some flimsy tubes and duct insulation in your attic!

Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning agrees, and that’s why we want you to be as informed as possible. Our Sacramento air duct leak repair services can only help you if you know how to identify an air leak in the first place. Watch for these signs in your home that indicate you need air duct repairs!


Always be aware of how old both your AC and your ducts are. There isn’t a bigger warning sign that your system may be at risk than old age. As ducts get older, they naturally face weakening and risk of damage. Be extra vigilant when your ducts reach 15 or 20 years old. Problems are more likely to start cropping up after that time frame.

Reduced Indoor Air Quality 

If your ducts are not sealed properly, you will probably experience some kind of poor indoor air quality (IAQ). For example, higher amounts of dust or pollen particles in your home indicate there is an opening in your ducts to exterior areas. Even a hole into the attic is enough to allow contaminants into your air. You may notice respiratory irritation or the presence of dust on your vent covers. 

Frequent AC Repairs

More frequent repairs made to your AC — especially for newer units — do not bode well. Leaky air ducts could be allowing air to escape, making the demand on the AC unit much more than normal. Higher demand means more stress on the HVAC system and can lead to frequent repairs.

Temperature Battles

Leaky air ducts often cause you to struggle with the temperature in your home. It may take much longer than usual to cool or heat your home, leaving you uncomfortable for several hours. Your home may be unevenly cooled or heated, causing some rooms to never quite feel the right temperature. These are symptoms that the air meant for those rooms is escaping before it can be delivered. Stay aware of how well your home is being regulated when you turn on the AC.

Spiked Energy Bills

While seasonal changes can cause heightened use in your AC that is reflected in your monthly bill, some sudden rises in your energy consumption can be concerning. If your energy bill rises unexpectedly with no reasonable explanation or steadily rises over time, your energy might be escaping out of your ducts! You don’t want to waste time guessing either. If your ducts are releasing enough air to affect your energy bill, it’s way past time to get professional HVAC help.

Count On Premier Air Duct Repair Services

Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning is your best option for affordable air duct repairs. Our team is well versed in finding even the smallest duct leaks and sealing them or recommending replacement. We want your home to run as efficiently as possible, and we always do everything in our power to make that happen. Contact us today to schedule service on your Sacramento air ducts!

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