4 Signs You Have Air Leaks In Your Home

We all know how much money and stress we waste on keeping our conditioned air inside our homes. With the heat of summer leeching away our cool air and those sudden cold fronts biting at our toasty homes, it always seems like we’re fighting to be comfortable. The last thing you need is the air escaping your home!

Big Mountain Heating & Air offers Sacramento air leak sealing to increase your home efficiency. Our team can help you spot the early signs of air leaks so that we can visit your home, knowing how to seal windows and doors effectively.

AC Performance

Another great reason to keep an eye on your AC’s efficiency is to assess whether your unit is under more strain than usual. If you notice that your AC runs long cycles or is turning on frequently, it might be because your home is losing air. Your AC senses the changes in temperature and has to run more often to regulate the air. This puts a lot of strain on your entire system and can point to an air leak problem.

You may also notice that your monthly bill starts to spike. A sudden increase in energy usage with no reason for the uptick can be a signifier too. As your AC runs longer cycles to compensate for the escaping air, your home’s energy use will go up. You’ll want to address the air leaks soon so that your bills reduce to a manageable level.

Drafts & Uneven Temperatures

Problem areas of your home are often indicators of air leaks. For example, if you can feel a noticeable draft in your home, you likely have an air leak. However, more subtle signs can appear as well. If you have rooms in your home that you struggle to keep at a comfortable temperature, it could be because air is escaping that room. Oftentimes, your efforts to regulate that room throw off the rest of the home as well. You don’t need to live with so much struggle when a simple visit from a professional could have your home sealed in no time. 


If you notice that some pesky invaders keep entering your home by unidentified pathways, that’s a sign you have gaps big enough for air to leak through. The presence of insects, rodents and other pests may call for more than a pest specialist. You may need a professional air sealing contractor to make sure those pests are kept out and your conditioned air kept where it belongs. 

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your home is open to the outdoors — even by tiny holes or leaks — your air quality may suffer. Two of the things your air conditioner is responsible for are filtering and dehumidifying your air. If you have leaks, you’ll notice humidity at higher levels in your home. You might also be more heavily affected by seasonal allergies than you should be. If you or a member of your household is particularly sensitive to seasonal allergies, you could really suffer from the presence of air leaks. 

Your Air Leak Defense Team

It’s important to have professionals evaluate the cause so that they can get to the actual source of your problems. You don’t want to keep guessing as you suffer uncomfortable temperatures, increased bills and annoying allergies. Let our team at Big Mountain Heating & Air do what we do best. Give us a call!

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