DIY vs Pro: When To Call A Professional To Fix Your Home’s Air Leak

The outer shell of your home is designed to be a barrier that insulates your home and prevents energy loss. When air leaks form, they can cause low home efficiency, discomfort and frustration. While you may be able to identify more obvious air leaks around your doors and windows, DIY air leak repair can only go so far.

Big Mountain Heating & Air is here for the tough and tricky air leaks you face. There are many situations where a professional Sacramento air sealing team is better equipped to handle your home’s troubles. If you’re wondering when it’s time to call the pros, ask yourself these questions.

Is Your Air Leak Hidden?

The leaks that form around your door and window frames are usually more noticeable because they have seals to the outdoors. When window caulk or weather stripping gets damaged or wears out, air leaks are commonly created. Luckily, these leaks are fairly simple to resolve. Store-bought caulk and weatherstripping will freshen the seal against the outdoors and keep your conditioned air where it belongs.

Unfortunately, not all air leaks are located in such a visible place. Any area of your home that connects outside components to inside ones is vulnerable to leaking air. If the source of your air leak is in an unknown location, you’ll have a difficult time sealing it. This is where professional air leak equipment comes in handy. Our team uses specific tools to find the precise source of even the tiniest air leaks so that they can be sealed. 

Is The Air Leak Inaccessible?

With so many nooks and crannies in your home or attic, you might not be able to safely reach the air leak to seal it. Don’t put you or your home at risk when our technicians are just a call away! With special tools and expertise, our team members can safely and efficiently find a way to seal even the toughest to reach air leaks. 

Do You Know What’s Required To Seal The Leak?

As mentioned above, some air leaks can be resolved with store-bought materials, but others need more attention. Professionals will be able to recommend the best air sealing solution that will last instead of deteriorating soon after it has been implemented. This may include professional air sealant, but it could also mean adding insulation to your home or attic. For maximum home efficiency, it’s important for an expert to evaluate problematic areas. You don’t want to guess at the solution to an air leak and be disappointed when it doesn’t work. The quicker your home is sealed, the quicker you can start saving money!

Are You Prepared To Handle Dirty or Dangerous Materials?

Another part of effectively sealing air leaks is replacing damaged portions of your current insulation. The presence of dirt, moisture, mold and other contaminants indicates that your insulation needs to be replaced. Are you ready to handle these materials? Do you know how to properly eliminate threats like mold growth? If the answer is no, then you need some help from the pros. Not only are we well versed in replacing damaged home materials, but we also have access to the tools and protective equipment required to make the process much safer and quicker. 

Stress-Free Air Leak Solutions

Here at Big Mountain Heating & Air, we encourage you to take control of your home’s health. But that doesn’t mean you have to do absolutely everything yourself. Sometimes, calling in the professionals is the better investment for your time and money. Our team has years of experience doing exactly what you need help with. So let us help! Give us a call today!

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