Common Ways Your Air Ducts Can Get Damaged

One of the most important — and underappreciated — components of your HVAC system is your AC ductwork. Without properly sized, designed and operating air ducts, you might as well not have air conditioning at all. The amount of energy waste that occurs when you have damaged ducts is significant, and it can be especially difficult to identify, too. 

Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning not only offers the most effective air duct services in the area, but we also want our customers to have as much information as possible. Keep reading to find out the most common reasons your air ducts experience damage and affect your home’s heating and cooling.

Improper Cleaning

If you have recently received a Sacramento air duct cleaning, you may be facing the consequences of a contractor’s mistake. To be able to handle the volume of air that rushes into your home every day, air ducts have to be flexible. However, this makes them vulnerable to damage by the very people who are trying to clean them. During a duct cleaning, a particularly strong hand can also cause fiberglass to be exposed and enter the air. This can cause problems in the HVAC filtration system as well as irritate your respiratory system.

Inexperienced cleaning can also lead to blocked ducts. If fiberglass is lifted from its position, it could block the airflow from your vents. Not only will this cause airflow problems in your home, but it could lead to strange noises and further damage to the system.


The passage of time can also lead to weakness in the air ducts that run through your home. When the ducts weaken, they can collapse altogether. This would cause major problems, including low airflow, low efficiency and high amounts of air leakage from the restricted sections of ductwork. 

Time can cause the duct insulation to move or deteriorate as well. The point of insulation is to help control the temperature of the air as it travels to its destination. Without proper insulation, efficiency drops rapidly. 


Whether you like it or not, your house is likely home to some uninvited critters, too. As mentioned previously, air ducts are flexible. This means the errant rodent or insect that decides to munch on your air ducts can create holes or weaken the material making up the duct. If you notice strange holes or signs that your ducts are being eaten away, you can bet you’ll need air duct repairs sooner rather than later. 

Accidental Damage

Other damage to your attic or home — like severe storms, materials falling over or water leaks — can affect your air ducts easily. If you are able to identify the culprit for your damaged or smashed air ducts, professionals will be able to help you more easily. Isolated incidents can be resolved by replacing a small section of ductwork and making sure it is sealed with the existing system. 

Count On Our Expertise

Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with the expert air duct repairs services you need. No matter what the source of your problem is, our team will locate it and recommend the most affordable and efficient solution for your home. Contact our team today to get the most out of your ductwork!

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