Environmental Benefits of Ductless AC

Most homeowners are aware of the ductless AC option when choosing a new cooling system. The traditional HVAC system is being superseded every single day by the ductless AC’s high efficiency, low profile mastery of the heating and cooling process. As if you needed any more reasons to make the switch to ductless, these systems also have a number of environmental benefits.

Big Mountain Heating & Air is proud to offer and support eco-friendly practices in your Sacramento home. If you’re interested in a more efficient AC alternative, read on to see how the ductless AC system and industry are contributing to a healthier planet.

Eco-Friendly AC System

Zoned Heating and Cooling

One of the top ways that ductless systems are changing the meaning of AC health is through zone-cooling technology. This targeted approach to heating and cooling allows energy consumption in the home to be reduced significantly. The days when you had to cool the entire home to feel comfortable in one room are gone. Now, you can deliver air to the specific rooms in your home where you spend the most time.

A ductless system can regulate your home’s air more accurately and allow you to use less energy every month. Less energy used means lower utility bills and greater environmental health.

Air Quality

Your AC system is not only designed to heat and cool your air – it conditions it too! This means your air should be moisture-free and filtered when it returns to your home. Your indoor air contaminants may be influenced by the location of your home, but your indoor air quality is ultimately determined by the capabilities of your AC unit.

Air filtration is particularly important in areas like Sacramento where environmental events like wildfires are likely to happen. Wildfires release harmful particles and smoke that can spread for many miles in the air. Your ductless AC system can naturally protect your home’s air from being polluted by filtering out the contaminants released by local wildfires.

Cooling Process

Traditional HVAC systems use energy to cool air before returning it to your home. In essence, they must use energy when they run in order to keep your air cool.

Ductless systems work differently. When your air needs to be cooled, they absorb the heat in your air without creating new energy. This keeps your air at the desired temperature while completely eliminating the need to use more energy in the process. Less energy is always better for the environment.

Reduced/Zero Emissions

Many ductless ACs complete the heating and cooling process and never emit extra emissions. The ability to 100% cleanly produce hot or cool air inside of your home is incredibly important for the environment outside of your home. The outdoor air quality is just as important as your indoor air quality, and ductless technology is attempting to keep both as healthy as possible.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturers

On top of the healthy practices that ductless AC units use, manufacturers that produce the physical units also often strive to be eco-friendly. With reduced emission production and recycled materials, manufacturers who provide ductless units are supporting the health of the environment.

Ready to Make The Eco-Friendly AC Switch?

Big Mountain Heating & Air is always happy to help you make your home greener and more comfortable. Our team of Sacramento AC specialists can advise you on the best course of action to make sure your home and the environment are taken care of. Give us a call!

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