Benefits of Annual AC Rejuvenation

AC tune-ups are commonly considered unnecessary or a waste of time and money. This misconception stems from the belief that AC maintenance appointments simply consist of a visual inspection and a “thumbs-up” from HVAC technicians. In reality, AC tune-ups are a very important time for experienced AC specialists to evaluate the unit’s performance, repair worn or broken parts and adjust the settings for maximum comfort.

Think of an AC tune-up like a yearly doctor’s visit or an inspection for your car. The system could continue to run without these annual checkups, but you are far more likely to experience unexpected and costly repairs, along with running the risk of your AC system not running at its highest efficiency. Here are some of the great benefits Big Mountain Heating & Air promises you’ll see after your Sacramento AC system is tuned up.

Longer Lifespan

The average AC unit is estimated to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, but with annual attention by certified technicians, your system is far more likely to maximize its lifespan. This can save you a lot of money that would be wasted on premature AC replacement. Plus, your home will avoid the inconvenience of total system failure for much longer!

Higher Efficiency

When your AC system is running with solid parts and clean surfaces the cooling and filtering processes occur much more efficiently. This means that your system uses the least amount of energy necessary in order to achieve the desired temperature in your Sacramento home. Not only is this great for your home, it’s also a good practice for the environment.

Reduced Utility Bills

Because your system is running on maximum efficiency and using less energy, your monthly utility bill will start to decline. All the air intended to cool your home will be chilled and delivered through your vents exactly as it’s supposed to, minimizing energy waste.

Increased Air Quality

One of the tune-up tasks HVAC technicians complete is cleaning the system and the air filters. The air filters in your AC system are designed to catch and remove contaminants from your air as it passes through the screen. When your filters are clean, they are the most effective at filtering your air. AC tune-ups can significantly increase your home’s indoor air quality simply by cleaning out filters and allowing them to do their jobs better.

Accurate Comfort

Technicians make a point to assess how well the AC is doing its job – including how the air feels in the home and if it’s reaching the destination successfully. Small adjustments can go a long way to providing even or consistent cooling. Your desired temperatures may be easier to reach with the experience of our technicians at your disposal.

During an AC maintenance appointment is also a great time to express any concerns or questions you have. Our Big Mountain Air technicians are friendly and want to make your home exactly the way you want it. This includes questions about energy efficiency, AC add on filters or any curiosity about your system you’d like answered.

Fewer Repairs and Breakdowns

One of the best benefits of AC maintenance is the reduction of future AC repairs. Knowledgeable technicians are trained to examine your unit carefully and thoroughly to make sure any worn parts are noted or replaced. These parts could be close to breaking, and you could avoid another service call and inconvenience by letting a professional take care of it.

Additionally, our technicians know what the early signs of corrosion and damage look like. By catching these issues early your system will be healthier and avoid more serious breakdowns.

Schedule Your AC Rejuvenation Today!

AC tune-ups are proven to be an effective and efficient form of preventative care for your AC system. When you need a Sacramento AC team you can trust, count on Big Mountain Heating & Air to get the job done right!

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