Everything You Need To Know About Furnace Filters

Did you know that your furnace filter plays a key role in keeping your home clean? Maybe you’ve heard the term furnace filter, but aren’t sure what it is or where to find it? Have no fear, at Big Mountain Heating and Air, we’re here to answer all of your questions.

We pride ourselves on knowing just about everything there is to know about heating systems and we’re here to pass on the knowledge. We’ve compiled a list of common questions about furnace filters and our answers. Read below to learn more!

Are Furnace Filters The Same As Air Filters?

Are furnace filters and air filters the same thing? Well as it turns out, it depends on what kind of system you have. Air filters and furnace filters perform the same function, trapping contaminants as air cycles through them, but they may not always live in the same place.

In older homes, heating and air systems are not always consolidated. Some newer homes have integrated systems, but most homes have separate systems, meaning you’ll need a separate filter for your furnace.

Where Is My Furnace Filter Located?

Your furnace filter is located in the blower compartment of your furnace. The blower compartment can usually be found in a tray or a door on your air blower which will be centrally located in your home.

How Often Do Homeowners Need To Replace Furnace Filters?

The standard for replacing furnace filters is once every 90 days. Of course, this will vary based on how much you use your furnace, the size of your home and the air quality of your home.

Make sure to check your filter and see how it’s doing once a month to avoid degradation of your indoor air quality.

How Can I Replace A Furnace Filter Myself?

To replace a furnace filter yourself, you will first want to identify what type of filter is already in place. Once you’ve bought a new filter, you can replace the old one after first turning off your heating system. Once the filter is in place, you are free to resume using your furnace.

Is Replacing Furnace Filters Part Of Heater Maintenance?

When you schedule routine heater maintenance with Big Mountain Heating and Air, one of our professionals will be more than happy to replace your furnace filters for you. Along with changing your filters, we will also perform the following services:

  • Inspect your heater exchange
  • Inspect your duct system for energy loss
  • Assess indoor air quality
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Inspect and test blower motor bearings, electrical usage and operation
  • And more!

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