How To Reduce Allergens In Your Home

Airborne contaminants can find a way to circulate in your air even when you keep a very clean home. It’s impossible to completely purify the air – there is a level of natural dust and debris that is safe to inhale. However, consistent exposure to a high level of pollutants can be dangerous and unhealthy for your household.

Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning wants to help you keep your air as healthy as possible. By taking a few steps to keep your air clean of Sacramento allergens you can help the health of your AC system and your family.

Common Air Contaminants

You can’t necessarily stop the presence of most common sources of lung irritation, but you can certainly be aware of what you’re breathing and how to limit its effects on your health.

  • Dust
  • Hair
  • Pet Dander
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Pollen/ Seasonal Allergens
  • Moisture

Extended periods of time breathing these contaminants can cause allergy or asthma flare-ups. Sneezing, itchy eyes or skin, rashes, and coughing or difficulty breathing are common symptoms that allergens are in your air.

Regulate Your Air Quality

There are some simple ways that you can lower the level of allergens in your home. Just adapting these natural air cleaning habits can significantly reduce your discomfort if you are experiencing symptoms of air pollutants.

  • Keep AC Filters Clean – Air filters are designed to trap contaminants, but once the filter is full it needs to be cleaned. Scheduling a time to check and clean your air filters routinely can keep those allergens from recirculating in your air. Plus, it will keep your AC system much healthier.
  • Exhaust Ventilation – When you are cooking in the kitchen a lot of moisture is produced. If the moisture is left to circulate in the air system it can collect and become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and pathogens. Turn on your vents when cooking to allow the moist air to be sucked straight outside.
  • Vacuum Floor Coverings – Carpets and rugs can retain a huge amount of dust, dander and hair. Make sure they are regularly cleaned so that they can’t release pollutants into the air over time. Also, any members of your home who have lung sensitivities should step out of the home when vacuuming happens as it is a prime time for dust and mites to be released into the air.

Professional IAQ Solutions

If these home air quality tips are not resolving your air quality concerns, you can always pursue a professional solution. HVAC companies like Big Mountain Air offer several options for whole-home purification or area filtration.

  • Whole House Air Purification
  • Whole Home Ventilation System
  • Air Filter Installation
  • UV Lights
  • Air Scrubbing
  • Germicidal Products

Pursuing an IAQ test can determine the accurate solution your home needs to fight airborne contaminants. Much like an allergy test, IAQ testing reveals the levels of allergens in your air, which our team can then use to decide what air quality regulator you might need.

Need IAQ Help?

Our team at Big Mountain Heating & Air is proud to provide premier Sacramento indoor air quality services to our customers. If you have more questions about your air quality please feel free to contact us!

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