All About Homes Energy Audits

Electricity bills are oftentimes the highest expense of the month. Every light left on, fan left spinning or air conditioner left a little too low continues racking up money every second it’s left that way. While everyone knows to turn off their lights when they leave the room, sometimes every day habits can cause major problems without even the slightest realization. These “unknown expenses” are the reason that energy audits can be helpful to a homeowner’s monthly budget.

What is an Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is an examination in detail of the home’s energy system, including where energy is lost in the home. This audit also checks on the systems of the home and determines whether or not they are running properly/efficiently. Once the data has been collected the audit is able to determine cost-efficient methods that may make the home affordable and energy-efficient.
When a certified professional conducts a home energy audit, it typically takes 4-6 hours. The reasoning for such a long amount of time is because of how in-depth and detailed the testing is. When conducting an audit, they will visually asses the home and run several tests, including combustion safety and blower door leakage.

How to Prepare for an Energy Audit

1. All windows and doors need to be closed and locked – blinds kept open
2. Fireplaces need to be free of ashes for the blower test
3. Attics need to be cleared for entry
4. Make sure all gas sources are easily accessible
5. Provide your last utility bill to the audit company showing the past 12 months
If you are interested in having an energy audit done in your home, give Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning a call today.