5 Signs You Need AC Repairs

When your AC system won’t even turn on, you notice. But there’s more to air conditioner repairs than whether it turns on or not, and you can even prevent breakdowns by catching repairs early. Although it can be difficult to see a problem with your air conditioner when it’s still running, here are some sure signs that your AC system needs repairs.

Warm Air

If your AC isn’t blowing cool, crisp air, there’s a problem. When an air conditioner is running but only blowing warm air, it could indicate a couple of different issues. On an especially hot day, warm air from your AC could mean that the AC is frozen. This happens when ice forms on the AC coils and blocks the cooling process, and it’s an especially common problem in hot, humid climates.

Fixing your frozen AC is easy to do on your own, but it could be a sign of more serious problems. If you notice warm air coming from your AC, call your trusted HVAC pros at Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning for help.

Low Airflow

Is your AC on but doesn’t really seem to be doing anything? You’re not crazy — your AC system is suffering from low airflow due to a problem with the blower or a blockage somewhere in the system. If this happens, schedule a service visit from your HVAC company so that a technician can pinpoint the problem and make AC repairs.

Frequent Cycling

We’re used to the sound of the air conditioner in our homes, so we typically only notice the noise of the system cycling on and off. However, you’ll probably notice if your AC is turning on and off frequently despite learning to tune it out. It may sound like a good thing, but an AC that turns on and off frequently or seems to never run complete cooling cycles needs repairs. Frequent cycling causes undue stress on the system and leads to premature wear and tear on the system, so you should schedule repairs as soon as possible.

High Humidity Inside

Central Texas is known for its humid heat, which means you’ll feel the moisture in the air pretty much everywhere you go. However, one place that shouldn’t feel humid is your home. Moisture removal is a natural part of the air conditioning process, so unusually high humidity in your home is a sure sign that the AC system isn’t working as it should. 

Call on the Big Mountain Air team if you can’t seem to escape humidity in your home. We’ll inspect the system and recommend the best solution to the problem, whether it be HVAC repairs or simply buying a dehumidifier!

Unusual Sounds

As we mentioned earlier, it’s pretty easy to tune out the sound of your air conditioner running. But that doesn’t mean you should learn to tune out loud or unusual noises from the system. Abrupt, loud sounds when your AC turns on and off, and even when it’s cycling, are signs that your AC is in desperate need of repairs. If you hear unusual noises from your AC, don’t ignore them — call Big Mountain Air for air conditioning service!

Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning is the Sacramento AC repair company our customers trust to take care of their HVAC systems. Contact us today to schedule a visit.

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