What’S Included In An AC Tune-Up Checklist?

It’s very easy to neglect your heating and cooling system– until it stops working. Regular AC repair services and tune-ups are a great way to keep your unit performing better, longer and with fewer repairs. So, what is an AC tune-up?

Most HVAC contractors look for similar items during their maintenance checks. Here are some of the things we look for when our experts at Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning come for your annual check.

Benefits Of AC Maintenance

California cooling systems work hard to manage our heat and humidity. To keep them performing as best as possible, they need regular maintenance, ideally every spring.

Tune-ups can improve energy efficiency and help identify if your unit is struggling which prevents costly repairs. Like yearly physicals, these complete inspections provide insight into your unit’s function and fix issues before they become expensive problems. Neglected ACs experience more wear and tear, have a shortened useful life and cost you more in the long run.

Common Tune-Up Items

Qualified technicians carefully inspect the HVAC system from top to bottom to identify minor items to fix during the visit. They also take note of things that may show larger problems, recommending repairs that can be performed later or operating adjustments you can make to prevent early deterioration.

For an in-depth look at our 27-point check-ups, click here!

Deep Cleaning And Lubrication

One of the most important things professionals do during maintenance is clean and/or lubricate every component in your cooling unit. This includes chemically cleaning the outdoor coil, indoor coil, burner assembly, flame sensor, fan blades, condensate drain line and much more.

As dirt, dust and debris build up in your unit over time it becomes more difficult for parts to move and interact with one another. These blockages also limit the amount of air that can flow through the unit, forcing it to work harder to achieve the same level of cooling. Cleaning out the dirt and lubricating metal parts that have dried keep everything running smoothly.

Calibrate Thermostat And Air Flow

Ensuring that your unit is processing air and communicating with your thermostat properly is essential to its efficient operation. If your thermostat is not programmed correctly, the system won’t cool your home to your liking. Techs can recalibrate thermostats and verify everything is connected right.
An airflow pressure check, measurement of return/supply air temperatures and checking refrigerant levels let technicians know how your AC is handling air. An inspection for leaky ductwork and air quality assessment can also be done at this time.

Adjust Blower Belt And Motor

Belt-driven air conditioners use a motor to power the fan that blows air through your vents. A belt connects the motor to the fan so it can spin, but eventually wears down, loosens and squeals over time until it completely breaks.

Tune-ups often include blower belt and motor adjustments to prevent this from happening, so it can continue controlling the fan easily and prevent increases in utility bills.

Carbon Monoxide And Safety Tests

Techs perform various safety tests during maintenance, including a check for gas or carbon monoxide leaks. A complete safety evaluation to inspect the heat exchanger, exhaust system and calibrate gas pressure verifies whether the system is operating safely.

Safety tests are one of the most important parts of a tune-up. Unaddressed carbon monoxide or gas leaks are major health concerns and can become fatal, quickly.

Inspect And Tighten Electrical Components

As technology has advanced in our everyday lives, it has also advanced in HVAC systems. Cooling units rely on many electrical components and connections to operate, which can become loose or worn over time

Technicians use this time to reconnect or tighten electrical parts, verify fuse sizes and inspect for pits, burns or improper connections. They also test capacitors and amp draws to ensure everything draws the proper amount of electricity.

Big Savings With Big Mountain

Although annual tune-ups may seem like an unnecessary extra expense, especially if you have a new cooling unit, they are a smart investment. Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning’s preventative maintenance reduces breakdowns, guarantees the long-term health of your system and improves comfort in your Sacramento home.

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