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How To Get New Air Ducts Installed In Your Home

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There’s plenty of reasons why you should look into upgrading your current air conditioning and heating, and have ducts installed in your home. If you’re here now reading this article, more than likely you’re not satisfied with your current options, and you want to find out how to hire an air duct installation service in Elk Grove, CA. Maybe you’re tired of your window units and want to go with a more efficient central air conditioning system. Or maybe your air ducts have gotten so much use that now it’s a good idea to replace them instead of having them cleaned again. Whatever the reason may be for coming to our website today, you’ll find that Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning can help out.

The Best Reasons To Replace Or Install Ducts

Your ductwork inside of your home can start to age and breakdown just like anything else can. This can be further aggravated by the lack of maintenance and cleaning that hasn’t been performed on the ducts. After this has gone on for awhile, the ducts will fail to direct hot and cold air where and when you need it to. Some ducts can fixed with just a few simple patches over the holes and leaks, but there will be situations where this won’t help. As for installing ducts, the best reason to have this done is so that you can have a system that’ll efficiently heat and cool your entire home.

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How Much Will It Cost?

This job is measured by how many linear feet of ductwork needs to be installed, and this comes out to around $35 to $55 per foot. Other factors to consider during an air duct installation service in Elk Grove, CA include the number of vents that need to be replaced or installed, the overall size of your home, and where the ducts will be installed. The average cost of the entire job, which includes the materials and the labor, hovers around $1000 with the higher end jobs getting as high as $3500. There could also be unforeseen factors regarding the type of heating or air conditioning unit you have installed, and what sort of ductwork it may need. It’s hard to determine the exact costs without having a certified HVAC professional come and take a look.

Here’s Why This Is Not A DIY Job

Are you really willing to risk being in a home without properly installed ductwork just to save $1000? And if your home doesn’t already have ductwork installed, are you really confident that you should be tearing up the insides of your home to do it yourself? Naturally we think it’s a better idea to have us do the job so that you’ll feel less stressed about the whole situation. Not only will an HVAC technician be qualified to do the job right, but you’re going to have a system that’s going to work properly! Just call us at 916-378-4244 if you’d like to look further into getting new ducts.