Solar Energy Is More Accessible Than You Think

girl holding paper model of house with solar panels

Environmental awareness has been on the rise as people are becoming more conscious of how their daily activities can impact the environment. At the forefront of conversations surrounding environmental impact is how harmful the use of non-renewable energy sources is.

Solar energy offers a natural, pollution-free, sustainable alternative to non-newable energy sources. Unfortunately, many believe solar energy is expensive, unavailable, and only for the wealthy. In reality, solar energy is more accessible than you think. In this blog post, our experts at Big Mountain Heating & Air explore why.

It Is Affordable

The cost of solar panels used to be prohibitively expensive for most Sacramento homeowners, but technology advancements and increased demand have dramatically cut prices. Over the last decade, the cost of solar panels has been reduced by as much as 70%, making it more affordable to the average homeowner. As the cost of solar panels decreases and efficiency improves, it's becoming an increasingly more accessible option for anyone considering renewable energy sources.

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Rebates, Assistance, and Incentives

In 2022, Congress passed the expansion of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), bumping it up to 30% for solar system installation between 2022-2032. So, if you install your solar panels during this time frame, you'll receive 30% back of your installation cost in a federal tax credit!

In addition, many local entities in California offer their solar energy system owners rebates and incentives to help promote clean, renewable energy. These incentives can lower the installation cost by 20% to 50%.

Unmatched Long-Term Savings

While installing solar panels has an upfront cost, the cost savings over time can be significant. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the average homeowner saves up to $100 monthly, or $1,200 annually, on electricity bills once a solar panel system is installed. Furthermore, with solar panels lasting 20-25 years, the savings can quickly multiply, offering increased availability for future budgets.

Solar Panel Installation & Planning in Sacramento

It's natural for individuals to want to save money without compromising on quality, especially when choosing an energy source. However, solar energy may not be the perfect solution for everyone, and that's where our experts at Big Mountain Heating & Air come in. Our team of trained technicians will help you identify the most cost-effective ways to make your home energy-efficient. We'll examine your property location and your home's orientation, energy needs, and other factors to determine if solar energy is the right choice for you.

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