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Maintenance and repair services need to be performed regularly in order for furnaces to work efficiently. Many homeowners wait for major issues to occur with their heating system before they decide to call in a professional for a repair or maintenance service. Always keep an eye on the following:

Your Furnace is Getting Old

Furnaces can last for 20 to30 years. To take care of your unit well and make it last longer, conduct regular maintenance and tune-ups and take preventative measure.

High Energy Bills

A system that is not maintained properly or is working inefficiently can result in an abnormal rise in terms of your energy consumption and ultimately the bottom line on your utility bill.  If you experience a sudden increase in costs, have your heating system checked immediately.

Clues That Your System May Need Some Maintenance

Check your heating system once a week in order to identify any visible defects such as rust or visible deterioration of the equipment. Suspicious smells are also a cause for concern, especially if your are making use of a gas furnace. Listen for any uncommon noises as this is a sign that all is not well. Early detection allows you the chance to repair minor damages rather than the usually resultant large and costly ones.

Whatever problems you encounter, a professional in the trade is always the best person for the job at hand.

You deserve only the best furnace repair in Greater Sacramento! Call  Big Mountain now and let us keep your heating system purring through the Winter months.